Getting Started


If you already run an existing business, StoresAce supports two different ways of importing current information. You can choose to simply connect our middleware to your existing point of sale, and it will start importing all the initial data into your StoresAce Cloud Environment, or you can fill our main Excel template will all the information and then manually upload it on StoresAce.

Import from POS

If you wish to import all information from your existing Point of Sale Solution, please select the one which has the most common information from all your stores network. Please notice that one of the advantages of StoresAce is being a centralized platform, so all the information imported from your first POS will be available to send to all other stores.

After configuring the connection of the middleware to your POS solution, follow the instructions and proceed to the initial upload. You will be able to upload all the existing information, like the following:

  • Products
  • Families
  • Sales Prices
  • Suppliers Cardex
  • Salesmans & Sessions
  • Customers
  • Selling & Printing Zones
  • Docs. & Payment Types
  • F&B Menus
  • Sales Transactions History
  • Purchases History
  • Inventory
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Cashdrawers Configurations
  • Payment Mechanisms
  • Terminals
  • VAT Rates
  • POS Access Levels

Next, just select the stores you wish to send the uploaded information. You can decide to initiate with all existing data, or just manually select which information should be sent to each store. For example, you can decide which products will be available to sell in each store, and also configure different sales prices on all your stores.

After all modifications, your data is ready to be sent and spread to all other connected Point of Sale Systems. Just click on the Synchronization Panel on your StoresAce application, and let it do automatically the synchronization process.
You will watch your POS systems getting updated with all new and modified information just like magic.

Connect from POS System

Import from EXCEL

Alternatively, if you are just starting now your new business or just want to import a new and clean set of information, you can choose to fill our main Excel Template, with all information about products, prices and suppliers, and upload it directly on your StoresAce environment.

After uploading and confirming all information, you will be able to send them to all stores, as described on the previous section. Just make sure your middleware synchronization is installed and running on each store.