HeadOffice Integration

Are your supplier invoices correct?
Are you paying for produts that were never delivered or above the price?

Control your payments and know the credits you have to get from your suppliers

Extra Tools

Financials & HeadOffice Integration

Take control of your deliveries and invoice payments! StoresAce Financials will compare all your invoices to their matching deliveries, and mark each single products that was delivered in different quantities or even at a different cost price that you have established with your supplier.

Keep the history of not according documents and assess the supplier deliveries. Ask them for the credit values over each difference, and get your money back!

StoresAce Financials closes the entire supply chain workflow, that started in an order request document, passed through the delivery process, and ended up in the invoice comparison to check if they are according. Integrate all the final invoices and credits with your Headoffice (ERP) system or any other external accounting software.

  • Delivery VS Invoice
  • Supplier Cardex VS Invoice
  • Ask for Credit Values
  • HeadOffice Integration (ERP)
  • Quantities Differences
  • Cost Prices Differences
  • Discount Differences
  • Missing Products

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