Loyalty APP

Engage your customers with our
ready-to-use and customizable
Loyalty Progressive Web APP (PWA)

They don't even need to install it!
Using an integrated system you are able to know your customers and launch targeted promotions or loyalty campaigns

Unilever Loyalty APP (Olá)
* Example of the Loyalty APP customized for Unilever PT

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Loyalty APP

Customer loyalty is a critical component in the success of any business. In some cases, loyalty can be earned by providing a high-quality service and dedicated support. In other cases, customers expect more from a business than just the products or services they put before them.
Recent surveys shows that one of the Keys for a loyalty program success, comes from fast and easy acess to the information. While mobile apps and PWAs can both provide a good experience, consumers have already expressed a disinterest in installing mobile apps to manage their loyalty programs.

StoresAce Loyalty Engine & Mobile APP is the best way to dish out rewards to the most loyal base of customers while also giving them a reason to stay engaged with your brand. It is ready to use at anytime and fully customizable to adapt to your brand.
Plus, it's a Progressive Web APP (PWA) which means your customers don't even need to download and install it. Just acess a web link or scan a QRCode and imediately have acess to it. They can even access directly from your web page in any browser, using a computer or tablet.

Use a single platform that integrates customers with all your data. You will be able to target promotions to specific users with all the marketing rules you can think of. Also, configure your loyalty campaigns from within the same platform and assess the return on each of your customers.

Promotions & Campaigns

  • Easy Setup (and in advance)
  • Promotions Hierarchy
  • Daisy chained
  • Discount, offer or bundle
  • Customer target or general
  • Per store and date interval
  • Per family or specific PLUs
  • Per value, quantity or total
  • Per hour and week days
  • Immediate or postponed


  • Customizable PWA (just access a web link)
  • Customers self register (GRDP compliant)
  • Newsletters
  • Products Information
  • Stores Location, GPS navigate to, schedules, etc
  • Current Loyalty Actions
  • Points and balance
  • Last purchases receipts
  • Warranty receipts storage
  • Push notifications for effective communication


  • Points
  • Balance
  • Discounts
  • Offers
  • Daisy chain
  • Specific dates, like birthdays
  • Specific events, like black friday
  • Complete onboarding process


  • Coupons integrated with promotions
  • Coupons Hierarchy
  • Daisy chained
  • Discount, offer or bundle
  • Per store and date interval
  • Per family or specific PLUs
  • Per hour and week days
  • Bulk, in APP or Receipt Printable

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