Cloud documents

Evolve to a paperless environment!

Digital repository for documents with automated OCR reading.

Scan and upload your documents, from purchases to employees contracts.

Extra Tools

Cloud documents

Directly scan and upload your paper documents to StoresAce Cloud, and have a digital repository for all your stores documentation.
Don't have time to fill your supplier purchase when receiving it? Just scan and upload to fill it later. Still have to wait for stores documents to be mailed to your office? Scan them with automatic upload to StoresAce.

Take advantage of our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine and have your deliveries validated and filled automatically after scanning.

Upload your employees contracts or any other file like ID or Social Security Card.

  • Direct Scan & Upload
  • Cloud Repository
  • Pending Documents
  • OCR Reading Automation
  • Deliveries Digital Archive
  • Employees Digital Archive

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